Hi there.

So, as you can tell, if you've been paying attention, i have updated the color scheme a little bit so it would fit in line with the old-school colors of the site.  I am so fucking psyched that it looks this goooood.  (I know, i am weird, but i dig the feel). 

I am listening to Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains.  It is no Death From Above 1979, but what is?  I am really into it though, so thanks for putting out a nice little album Sebastien.  (I say that like he'll come by and read the blog... ha)

Worked on DOT6 and the RCHC sites today & tonight.  The DOT6 site is effing horrible.  Someone destroyed their SQL DBs something fierce, so i am playing a lop-sided tug-o-war with them to get the upgrade from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6 to work as i'd like.  However, the RCHC site is much sexier, and cooperative.  For that i am excited. 

Fucking Crashed Castles with Alex, Jeff, & Dan tonight.  That was awe inspiring hilarity.  It must happen again.

Have to get Corey to update his blog here.  I don't know why i care so much, but i do. 

Okay, sleep time.  Lots to do tomorrow, and i get to see Leanne.  Let us hope my brain doesn't explode along the way.