Hello... hello again.

Well, I've been playing with my new iPad for several weeks, and I have found it to be far more useful than I expected. I am using it in place if my MacBook quite a bit for things like light web browsing & taking notes. I am writing this post on it right now, using a bluetooth keyboard that I got last night. I have actually found myself able to touch-type on the device quite well though, so I really just got the keyboard as a luxury. It's also nice to be able to read books & comics on my iPad, much easier than reading on a laptop. Anyway, all I've done is gush about the iPad this post, which feels quite juvenile.

I interviewed a cool person at work last week. Her name is Catherine & she starts Monday. She is a gamer-geek at heart so i think she'll fit quite well into our little group, at least on a personal level. She'll probably hate me because I am an evil task master in terms of web-junk. She has pink hair though, & that's always a ++.

I am still fine tweaking this website, believe it or not. Adding & subtracting modules here & there to get just the right usability for myself. I don't need many fancy items, but I would like the site to look nice, function nice & still fit my asthetic.

I think it is working well.

I finished the NIN Remix CD I was working on. It came out well & fit into my concept parameters. Good for me.

Going to see the Melvins & ISIS in June. Yay. Hopefully going to see The Protomen at the end of the month.

Okay, well, I'm done for now.