So all my plans for the evening fell through...

I have been trying to come up with something to blog about all day, and it just wasn't happening, so i decided that i would open up a new post and start typing... We'll see what happens. 

I need a new hard drive for the laptop, as this one is constantly full.  I suppose having 90GB of music may not be helping matters, but i love me my music. 

There is nothing on TV tonight?  Is anyone else watching anything exciting?  I am up for anything right now...  Boredom persists. 

I am taking my sweet fucking time with the Mr. Meeble remix i am working on, mostly due to the websites that are dominating my life.  I know it is personal preference, but i fucking HATE flash with a passion.  I mean, nice little gadgets like audio players are nice, but full sites in flash for flash's sake are tedious.  Sometimes i like just getting the information i am looking for and am completely disinterested in seeing your dancing fucking panda.  I suppose this explains my take on building websites, sorry if my simplicity isn't flashy enough to hold the attention of most twelve year old children with ADHD. 

I think i am going to uninstall the video editing suite on my laptop, and instead install it on my other Mac.  It is taking up far too much space for something i am not at all using.  We all know I need the space for making verbose remixes of songs that no one will listen to!

It is weird to be trolling IMDB and Twitter all day, i feel like i somehow tripped and landed in my life from 5 years ago.  I was listening to an old radio show of mine last night, and realized that it was from May 2006.  Has it really been that long?  That kinda blew my mind.  I think i need to breathe new life into Shattered Reality Radio, but i am completely uncertain as to how i should go about doing it.  I love doing live broadcasts, with a chatroom and people listening, but i have so little time anymore to do it, and no one is around anymore to listen.  If i had some people that were into it, i would make it happen.  I miss DJing.  I sent a txt to Leanne last night about this very topic, and i think i just need to find a club where i can DJ.  Yeah, i see that happening.

I am conflicted about people following me on Twitter.  I don't mind the real, actual people following me, but random people named Mary that only post "Please follow me" in their twitter give me pause.  Why are they even following me...?  I am assuming it is an attempt to get me to follow them, but to what end?  Do they then re-sell the twitter account to someone with some sort of advertising message to send...?  And if that is the case, do not the followers of that account disappear after all the account does is start to spam adverts that no one wants to read?  I think i am spending too much time analyzing this trend. 

I am now browsing through Netflix for something to instantly watch this evening.  Not really finding anything but Stand-up to watch.  I really wanted to watch a movie...  Netflix is recommending i watch Clash of the Titans.  I should shoot myself for even contemplating it.  I love my mythology, but...  no, can not do that to myself this evening.  Oh, here we go, another recommended gem:  The Postman.  I might just do it at this point...  I am just that bored.

I wish i had someone to talk to, it would make the evening manageable. 

Okay, this post is descending into a place i certainly want it not to go...  So i am off.