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You can now purchase some of our music from the Music link above.  Yay!

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Work & Music...

So, I've been pretty busy working on music lately.  Got myself to age 30, which was a surprise.  I have, in the past 6 months, put together 2 EPs, an LP, & am almost done a entire cover of one of my favorite albums of all time.  I had a friend that put together a cover album on his 30th birthday, so I guess this is a tribute to him.  It's odd how people can make such an impact upon you. 

Hello... hello again.

Well, I've been playing with my new iPad for several weeks, and I have found it to be far more useful than I expected. I am using it in place if my MacBook quite a bit for things like light web browsing & taking notes. I am writing this post on it right now, using a bluetooth keyboard that I got last night. I have actually found myself able to touch-type on the device quite well though, so I really just got the keyboard as a luxury. It's also nice to be able to read books & comics on my iPad, much easier than reading on a laptop.


Oki doki, so I am in a really good place right now, which is quite odd to me. Yay.

Scott wants to

Scott wants to hurt me for the Games i purchased today. I wanted to revisit my youth, i purchased Genesis Collection (XBox360) & PunchOut!!

OKay so i

OKay, so i know i haven't been blogging for the past few days, been exploring. The blog will recommence over the weekend. 'til then, Courage

Been reading

Been reading all night. Good stuff. READ IT. Now i am watching Steven Wright on Netflix. Exciting Life!

Listening to Iggy

Listening to Iggy Pop; I am in want of the world to disappear; Can't concentrate on anything; Waiting for life's big resolution; Missing it.